How to Buy the Right Wedding Lingerie for Your Dress

The wedding dress so often here at One Fab Day that often you can forget that there should also be some serious thought put into what goes underneath those layers of chiffon and lace. It’s one particular things that’s easy to forget, but good bridal underwear is merely as important as the gown itself; it enables you to feel beautiful, but above all, comfortable (and well supported) throughout the day. From sexy to supporting, whatever your look of dress, even it’s low-backed and slinky, there are super wedding underwear solutions available to suit so you won’t have to go commando! That will help you find the perfect bridal lingerie for your dress, we’re sharing our top tips about how, when, and where to buy.

So where to start? Well, there are 3 key looks to consider as it pertains to your choosing your bride to be underwear:

1.            Your wedding morning “planning” look, which should be something you can be photographed in, with enough coverage you are comfortable seeing any close relatives and buddies whilst wearing, and it doesn’t create any skin indentations.

2.            Under the wedding dress lingerie or shapewear, which are more functional foundation pieces, such as a strapless bra, a seamless thong to avoid VPLs, or a bodysuit.

3.            Wedding night and honeymoon looks, which may be just about anything from a sweet something blue lingerie set to a white lacy corset?

Next, the types of bridal lingerie that your gown requires depend on two factors:

1.            The cut and silhouette of your dress

2.            What makes you feel comfortable?

Bridal Underwear Types

Super Shapewear

If you are looking for something with a little more support, super shapewear will be your very best friend on the big day. Perfect to smooth over any lil lumps or bumps and to offer you that extra little bit of confidence in your gown. It might not exactly be the most glamorous underwear for your wedding day but it’s how you feel that’s important and if it helps you sense great, what’s not to love about that?!

Good bridal underwear should always be invisible. For this reason we always recommend a nude colour that matches your skin layer tone. While this is not so important with a fuller skirt, delicate layers of silk fabrics still don’t always conceal the contrast in colour between skin tone and lingerie so make sure to take this into consideration. However, do keep in mind most lingerie companies offer only one shade of “nude” that is unquestionably not one-size-fits-all. For shapewear and underwear in selection of nude tones check out Nubian Skin, Wonderbra, and Skims.

When it comes to knickers, you’ll want seamless so opt for styles with laser-cut edges for no obvious lines through your dress. Or, choose a higher waist, thigh shaper style, which wont rid up or dig-in. Also a great option for minimising chaffing too!

The main department stores all have a great shapewear section as do small lingerie boutiques of course, if it’s online shopping you must do, you can also find great support-wear online. The one thing to keep in mind when shopping for shapewear? It absolutely has to match correctly, or you risk being “take off” in weird places.

Lacy White, Cream, Ivory & Something Blue Styles

Traditionally, fabulously feminine lingerie with laces, trims and beautiful textures were area of the brides trousseau to be worn on the marriage day. Nowadays, many of the pretty bridal lingerie options available aren’t actually that practical for underneath your dress.  Many bridal gowns, especially slinky sheath silhouettes, will require wedding undergarments that are smooth and seamless. Focus on whether ribbons, lace, or adornments are going to create bumps under your gown and then avoid those styles. Is your heart set on a fairly wedding lingerie set that doesn’t use your dress? Pack it in your overnight bag! Or, add it to your Honeymoon wardrobe. Plus, what girl doesn’t desire a great white lacy anyway!?

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