Biologique Recherche Marina Bay Sands: Everything You Need to Know!

Skincare is a part of modern living which all men and women at some time in their lives are with full thought piqued about. Especially because it’s area of the process that creates you looked tired, haggardly and old. P50T lotion Biologique Recherche singapore. Are you looking for some good skincare products? The you are at right place. But before starting the discussion on Lotion 50T, why don’t we understand first the particular cream 50 is?

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 has occupied a significant place in foreign markets. The off-white plastic bottle boasts purple accents and a computerized font provides it a good look. The features of using the Cream are:

  1. It balances the PH of your skin layer
  2. Hydrates your skin
  3. Brighten your skin
  4. Remove dead skin cells and open your epidermis pores.

What is Lotion P50T?

Lotion 50T is a newly created version of Cream 50T with higher PH level. It really is specifically designed for countries like Canada and Singapore. These countries require skin care products to have minimum PH. It really is pertinent to say that that consumer products are only allowed a maximum 10 percent alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) concentration, with the very least pH adequate to or higher than 3.5. (For professional use, up to 30 percent concentration is permitted, with an equivalent minimum pH.) Visit this website to get more insight Biologique Recherche Marina Bay Sands

PH of Lotion P50T lies between 3.5 to 4, which is less acidic as compared to Cream P50. The key ingredients of Lotion P50T are:

  • Alpha-hydroxy acids: Specifically, carboxylic acid (derived from milk sugars) and acid (from lemons and oranges). The activity level of AHAs can vary, counting about how concentrated they’re and therefore the pH of the formula. In Biologique Recherche products, the molecules have a higher acid ratio and low salt-which means they’re both exfoliating and hydrating.
  • Cider vinegar: Created from fermented apples, vinegar contains citric and malic acids. because of its high tannin content, it also offers purifying and astringent properties.
  • Beta-hydroxy acid: 2-hydroxybenzoic acid is of course synthesized by certain plants, like willow, and comes with an anti-inflammatory effect. In comparison to AHAs, it penetrates the pores easier so as to dissolve dead cells which are causing obstructions.
  • Poly-hydroxy acid: Gluconolactone exists in honey and fruit juices. It is a less penetrative exfoliant than AHAs, but also less irritating.

But it isn’t just the acid exfoliating agents that make the goods great. Here’s what else is within:

  • Niacinamide: My favourite ingredient for fading skin pigmentation also offers an anti-inflammatory effect which will help with acne.
  • Horseradish, burdock and capsicum extracts: The horseradish has antibacterial properties and may help regulate sebum production. Capsicum is purifying and antiseptic, while burdock is moisturizing, healing and calming. Burdock also offers the unique ability to balance mixture skin, hydrating dry zones while purifying and regulating oily areas.
  • Magnesium chloride: it’s healing, antiseptic and sebum-regulating qualities which will hep with acne and eczema.

Arnica extract: it’s a soothing, protective and anti-inflammatory action. Natural moisturizing factors: These are ingredients, like urea, lactates and sugars that mimic the substances within healthy skin.

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